One benefit of the Executive Allowance Bonus program is that select individuals are entitled to a special vehicle incentive on any new car purchase or lease. Incentive amounts are vehicle-specific, ranging from $1,000 to $4,000, and will be applied to the final transaction price at any Mercedes-Benz dealership in the U.S. An individual can choose to either lease or purchase a new vehicle directly out of dealer inventory, or you can place an order for that hard-to-find vehicle - in either instance, the EAB incentive will be applied to the transaction price.

Another benefit of this program is the ability to combine the EAB incentive with any special lease or finance program that may be currently advertised in your local market.

The last benefit of this program - and by far the most fun - is the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a new Mercedes-Benz at an attractive price point.

To simplify the process, we've included several links below to assist you:

*Mercedes-Benz Executive Allowance Bonus program rules and regulations are specified on both the Enrollment Form and Incentive Form. One control number per employee is available per calendar year, and this offer is non-transferable. Proof of employment is required during the enrollment process.